Line Card

Rather than using a Line Card, we want you to become accustomed to sending us your inquiries for ALL your needs, without consideration to specific components, manufacturers or quantities. GRAND MICRO ELECTRONICS, INC. really is a full service distributor and you will soon discover that you only need one distributor for all your components. It will save you both time and money. We are there for you all the way, from prototypes and repairs to full-scaled production.

GRAND MICRO ELECTRONICS, INC, is a full service independent distributor of ALL manufacturers and ALL components; active, passive, electro-mechanical, hardware etc.

We can assist you with:
Semiconductors, Inductors, Capacitors, Resistors, Converters, Connectors, Switches, Amplifiers, Relays, Cable, Batteries, Filters, Circuit Breakers, Diodes, Transistors, Fuses, Fans, Coils, Potentiometers, Chokes, Toroids, Ferrite Cores, Beads, Processors, Microcontrollers, Flash Memory, Rectifiers, Insulators, Integrated Circuits, Opto, LED’s, Power Supplies, Magnetics, Transformers, Contact Timers, Fuse Holders, Terminal Blocks, Displays, Hardware, Heat Sinks, Sensors, Lamps, Transducers, Inverters, Adapters, Chipsets, CPUs, DIMMs, DRAMs, DSPs, ECLs, EEPROMs, EPROMs, Fans, Flash, GALs, Graphic Controllers, Harddiscdrives, Linear Logic, MathCo, Microprocessors, Mosfets, Optoelectronics, RDRAMs, SDRAMs, SGRAM, SIMMs, SLDRAMs, SRAMs, Telecom Chips, Transceivers, Voltage Regulators, WRAM, VRAMs….. and more, you name it!!!

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